Post-Production Services for
Business, Entertainment and Education
Professional Converting & Photo Scanning
Scissors cutting Film

We  also will do DVD duplication. 


Formats We Take:


(8mm & Super8)




8mm Tape

Audio Cassette


MiniDV Tape

Open to other formats

We ask for new customers to fill out our Converting and Picture Work form. Based on the information provided on the form, we will email you an estimate. Then we will have you drop off the material.

If possible, please number your tapes in chronological order. This is for us to be able to keep the files in order on the DVD or flash drive. 


When choosing the DVD option, each DVD holds up to four hours of footage. To conserve space, multiple tapes are put on one DVD, unless specified differently on the form. The DVD menu will list each of your tapes separately (using your titles) and each will play separately. Each DVD will have a label with the title of the DVD (usually the customer's last name and the DVD number) and the names of the tapes. Then DVDs are put in DVD sleeves, unless requested otherwise.


When choosing the flash drive option, we will not know the size needed until we convert all of your tapes. If the flash drive is not provided, we will add the exact price of the flash drive to your bill. Files are formatted to work on PC and Mac. 




  • Slide Scanner Rentals
  • Slideshows
  • Albums


Due to advances in technology, we recommend scanning them yourself with an app called CamScanner (available on iOS and Android devices). This is faster and better quality than a scanner.

If you would still rather we do it for you, please use the CONTACT US form.




Some tapes may have blank or unwanted  footage. We can edit out the unwanted material. This is an additional hourly cost. 


Studio461 is proud of its history of providing great video converting services. However, we would like to expand to being there for the corporate world, as well, by providing professional editing and production help.

We have already done multiple training videos, and annually put together and mass produce a DVD for a local high school's 'Prom Fashion Show."

Here are some services we can help with:

  • Commercials and Promos

  • Welcome videos

  • Training/other internal videos

  • Highlight Reels

  • Videos for Non-Profits

  • Audio Mixing

  • Camera/Production help

Pricing starts at $24.

Please contact us if you either have work ready to be edited or could use help  creating a video from start-to-finish.



Video Converting

$14 per tape (up to two hours). 

Additional $14 for every two hours after that.

This is standard for all projects.
**MiniDV tapes are $28 if the camcorder is not provided or breaks

$4.50 each to convert from DVD or CD


Vinyl Records and Audio Tapes

$9.25 per side.

(+$7.99 if separate tracks are asked for) 


Slides and Picture Scanning

$20 for up to 72
+25¢ per additional picture.

(Rent our slide converter for two weeks for only $20)

Super 8/8mm film: 20¢ per foot



DVDs (per device, ie tape): $1.15

USB/Hard Drive: price Amazon gives (if not provided)
Extra DVDs: $2 each  

DVD covers (w/ custom cover insert): $15

CD hard case: $2


$24 per hour

We will charge an additional fee for online payments over $300.


Projects with tight deadlines (i.e. Holiday) and/or resulting in having to "jump-the-line" will have a minimum of $5 added to each of the above prices.

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