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COVID-19 Procedures


Like many small businesses, Studio461 is adapting to a new way of providing our services to our customers. To keep everyone safe while remaining open, we are doing three things differently:

No-Contact Drop-Off and Pick-Up

All drop-offs and pick-ups will happen on the back porch. Drop-offs will stay there for three days.

(Please email or text after dropping off a project)

Online Payment Options

We have added a button on the top of our site that allows you to pay via PayPal. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this; you can pay using your credit card.

There will be a small additional fee for orders over $300 paid online.

New Contact Form

We have created a new, streamlined contact form for you to use. This form has just the basics so we can get in touch quickly. 

(Please note that this form does NOT give us enough info to provide you with an estimate)

We hope that these new procedures will let us continue to serve you safely and efficiently.

Thank you for your cooperation.

As always, thank you for choosing Studio461 for converting, editing, and more!

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